Brushed Yarn Fox Tail

November 1, 2016

This year Eloise requested to be a Fox for Halloween. It also happens to be a very popular costume this year so I was excited to try the brushed fox tail I'd seen on other sites.
Eloise was delighted with the outcome. Although I will admit it was a bit more tedious than I had hoped. In all, it took me about 5 hours to make this tail and about 5 Westworld reruns;-P
I also did her makeup which received many compliments from the neighborhood.
I used this tutorial below:
Here's how I made the tail:

Take 40 pieces of yarn and tie them together at the top. Make them the length you want your tail to be.
 Braid them together leaving about 6-7 inches at the bottom unbraided.
 Brush it out with a wire pet hair brush. I bought mine at the dollar store.
 Now keep adding more yarn by making tassels. To do this take 20 pieces of yarn and tie them at the top. This time only cut the yard 8 inches. To make my tassel quickly I just wrapped the yarn 20 times around my open hand, tied the top then cut the loops at the bottom.
 Now brush it out and then tie it to the last notch in your braid. Make sure you are holding the knot TIGHT or else your yarn will just brush out. I laid a weight on top of my knot while I brushed and held it down with my opposite hand.
To make the rest of the tail you will tie 6-8 tassels to each notch of the braid.It will take about 60 or so tassels get a full tail. I made all my tassels ahead of time then tied them to the tail. There were about 9 notches total including the bottom knot so I means I had to make over 60 tassels. 

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Nina Ruth Bruno said... Best Blogger Tips

Adorable! I miss your sewing adventures & frequent posts - you are sooooo talented! Your blog has always been a favorite!

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