Tall Fencing That Won't Break Your Back or Your Wallet

June 20, 2016

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Freedom Outdoor Living for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Our driveway looked like a junkyard. I swear we have about 50 bikes that only fit when they are hung at the back of the garage. The only problem with that is that no one can lift them off the hooks except me and Brian. So In the summer they have to be outside so the kids can easily access them, otherwise they don't get used. I have them lined up beside our garage but from a distance it just looks a mess.

I wanted an easy way to hide them while still being able to access them and I didn't want to dig deep fence posts. I've done that before and it's most unpleasant and also required RENTING a fence post digger. I found Connections Decorative Fencing and they happily did the trick!

If you want to conceal an unsightly item like garbage cans, A/C units, compost heaps, pool pumps, etc....Barrette is giving away one Connections Fencing package of their choice to one reader! Just share this post to either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #freedomoasis.
If you're yard is already free of any eyesores, they're also great for privacy around patios, decks or hot tubs, blocking the view of a close neighbor. They also look great as decorative accents around mailboxes, at the corners of a yard, edging around walkways or gardens. They also can provide protection from wind when starting new plants or keeping harmful plants from being accessible.

Check out my easy time lapse video of me installing the fence! Like I promised, NO DIGGING! Anyone who's ever dug fence posts know what a HUGE selling point that is.

Here's an easy pic tutorial as well.

1. All you do is push the blue vinyl pole into the ground.

2. Cover it with the post.

3. Repeat for next post

4. Install each panel between the posts.

5. Finish with end cap at top of post.


I'd love to buy a few more of these and make an enclosed area below our deck for our pomeranian to run free. Like I mentioned before they're fantastic because they require no digging, no hardware and no concrete footers!

For that reason, these are also really great for renters. Not only are they easily installed but they can easily be REMOVED! Plus you're not spending thousands of dollars on a fence. Each panel is only $14.98 and is 3' wide.

They are available in three heights, and three different decorative panel options. Also a two-sided solid panel that can be mixed matched, stacked, staggered, used in straight runs or joined to form corners. You can use one panel with a 1-tier post, stack two panels with a 2-tier post or THREE panels for a much taller 3-tier post which can be 5 ft. tall! When buying just remember you always need one more post than panel so you have a finished edge to your fence. Get CREATIVE! Combine and configure the fence as your needs change. Add more, heighten or lower.

Time to upgrade your yard without breaking your back! Purchase exclusively at select in-store Lowe's or online at Lowes.com.

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