Finally AFFORDABLE IKEA sofa slipcovers

August 9, 2016

Our IKEA Karlstad sectional had seen better days. The slipcover I once loved was embarrassingly filthy and no amount of washing would help it recover. It had just met one too many chocolate milk stains as well as an unfortunate bleaching pen incident. Besides all that, the gray now clashed with the walls of our new living room. I looked into purchasing a new slipcover from IKEA which we had done once before but to my disappointment I found that the Karlstad series was being phased out! Oh no! Was I going to have to buy a whole new sofa? I had been so spoiled getting away with simply buying new slipcovers.
I looked into buying a new IKEA sectional. The closest thing I found was the Landskrona which would cost me $1,800! Ugh. Rather than buy an entire new sofa I began looking into other options. I found a few online stores that offered IKEA slipcovers but their prices were too high. I wasn't willing to spend $800 on a slipcover for a USED sofa! That's when I came across Linda Lee's Store. They offer Karlstad slipcovers (and other IKEA sofa series current and discontinued) for LESS than they what IKEA sold them for and in more colors and fabrics than IKEA offered! Boom! Game changer.

I chose this gorgeous light brown tweed slipcover and I could Not only was it cheaper than what it would have cost at IKEA but it's so much softer and cozier than the fabric IKEA uses. Every time I put my feet up and relax in it I feel like hunkering down for a nap. The kids were immediately in heaven after being subjected to the stiff IKEA fabric for so long.
Here are a few of the swatches that Linda Lee offers for the Karlstad. Check out her site to see more colors and fabrics she offers! I would love to see what one of the tartans look like in action! My slipcover is the one on the top most right. But I was very tempted to try the aqua chenille in the bottom most left. Maybe when I get bored with this one I can get that one. They're so affordable. 
Prices do vary by material and color. Here's my slipcover. It costs only $290! When I bought the old gray one it cost me $300 at IKEA. Keep in mind I have a sectional so if you're getting a smaller sofa cover it will be cheaper. The loveseat version is only $199.

She also offers covers for the following IKEA sofas: Ekeskog, Stocksund, Kivik, Hovas, Hagalund, Nockeby, Beddinge, Karlaby, Exarby, Lovas, KLIPPAN, Friheten, Manstad, LYCKSELE, Vilasund, Backabro, Balkarp and Klobo.
I love the multi-tonal fabric. It's a great way to add texture and dimension to a space....not to mention a great way to hide kid stains;-)
I also love how it's still bright enough to keep the room from feeling dark.

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Emily in Wonderland said... Best Blogger Tips

I was honestly so pumped to see this post! And then so bummed. I also have old Ikea couches that I have just bought new slipcovers for every year or two- the slipcovers are super cheap- $40-80. But Ikea remodeled the loveseat I have and made it SMALLER,but without advertising they did so. So I bought a new cover and it wouldn't fit. At first I thought I had lost my mind trying to make it fit and I finally figured out what happened. Thankfully I hadn't thrown out my old slipcover but it literaly has holes and pee stains in it. I'd so anything to find a replacement for it because the loveseat was So expensive and it has a bed in it, I can't afford to replace it. But searching on eBay and such, nobody seems to list whether they have the old or new model of slipcover and I have no idea what the dimensions are. I'm so frustrated. (Mine are Ektorp, which doesn't seem to be a model this company does. )

Smith said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for sharing! We've been in the same situation and I haven't had luck finding a new slipcover! I'm so excited now! (And relieved! 😜)

CZYK Publishing said... Best Blogger Tips

What a difference. Looks great.

Julia@Cuckoo4Design said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh wow, that looks fantastic! I love it

Kaci said... Best Blogger Tips

So neat! I just had an ah-ha moment to split my chaise lounge off of my Karlstad sectional....but alas, they don't sell the arms anymore :( Might have to make the hubs whip something up and then order these slipcovers! Thanks for the info!!!

James E Lutz said... Best Blogger Tips

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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello! I'm so glad i chanced upon your site! After seeing pictures of your lovely sofa and living room, i have decided to be a copycat and get Linda's fabric in the same colour as yours! The only issue is i can't determine if yours is in a dark beige or beige shade as per the selection on her website...The photo you referenced would be the dark beige in her ebay site, however when my fabric samples arrived yours seems closer to Beige her samples are really small, would you be able to advise me here? Thanks so much!!!


Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@UnknownMine is beige. Definitely not dark. Hope that helps!

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@Emily in WonderlandThey do make Ektorp covers here:
I would just ask Linda Lee what her measurements are and see if they fit yours.

Things I Think said... Best Blogger Tips

How has the cover been holding up? I see that the same lady also does a cover for my ikea sofa that ikea has never made. The price is a steal, and I'm just wondering if you feel like it's still working for you.

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@Margie PaulsonThe only issue I had was with pilling. But I bought a this defuzzer and whenever it gets a little pilly I use it and it takes them all away.
If you didn't want to deal with pilling at all I think a different fabric would suffice. I know she offers several types of fabric. One in cotton or chenille would probably not pill as much.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

So glad for this post! I'm curious if you've tried to wash them? Did you have any problems? I'm worried about them shrinking because I don't see that she uses pre washed or pre shrunk fabrics.

abll said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi. Have you tried washing the covers? I'm wondering about shrinkage if machine-washed. Or should this be dry-cleaned? Thanks!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

@abllHave you tried washing? I just purchased a linen cover for my sofa and would really like to wash it before use

Monet said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi! I'm wondering about the legs you replaced the standard IKEA ones with. I'd love to change ours out and I love the looks of yours. Thanks!

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