DIY Rainbow Dash Costume

October 30, 2015

I only made one costume this year. Mostly because the kids didn't express a strong opinion toward any specific idea or character until last minute. Molly had said she wanted to be Evie from The Decendants and I wish I had made a costume with pattern for her because I think it would have been pretty popular this year. But sourcing some of the material would have been a nightmare. Her jacket is a bluish black and her skirt has words printed on it so maybe it was for the best.

Instead I made a simple costume for Eloise. She wanted to be Rainbow Dash. Totally easy! For her mane I just glued strips of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple fleece to a headband. Just remember Rainbow Dash's mane has the red, orange and yellow only in her bangs. Her green, blue and purple hair falls down the back of her head and neck. I also made blue ears using this tutorial from Sugar Tart Crafts and glued them to the headband as well. For her tail I cut more fleece strips and folded them in the center. Then I stacked all those pieces in groups of 8 and hand sewed all those folded pieces together and finally I sewed the finished tail to a piece of blue ribbon that tied around her waist.
For her hooves I cut four blue fleece triangles (two per hoof) then cut off the tops to make a sort of traffic cone shape. I then sewed, right sides together at the side seams, added a zipper to the side and then hemmed the bottom and inserted boning inside the hem to give it shape. I sewed the side seam on the outside more to make the opening tighter so that they wouldn't fall down her legs.
For her body I used a blue fleece jacket that I got at the thrift store for $1 (can't beat that) and added a pair of poly-filled fleece wings that I cut and sewed. I would have preferred to use a blue unitard for her body but the weather at the end of October is so unpredictable that you always have to assume it's going to be cold. As it turned out it was one of the warmest Halloween nights ever but if I had used a unitard it almost certainly would have been freezing;-)

Finally, I sewed a cute little blue tutu for her body but any blue tutu will do. This blue pettiskirt on Amazon Prime would be my choice for a store bought one. Finally I bought these cute blue tights for her legs.

One thing I wish I would have done but didn't get time to do was a felt cutie mark that I would have pinned to her tutu. Instead my older daughter painted a cutie mark on her face which worked too.

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