Two Sisters Heart Blouse Free Pattern: Chevron Blushes

February 12, 2015

Just in time for Valentine's Day is another free pattern for your little loved one. Cute Valentine cut out backed peplum blouses in two sizes for two sisters;-)
Lily and Molly wanted something special to wear for Valentine's Day. Rather than go down to Target and pick something easy I decided to make something homemade with a free pattern instead. I got the fabric at JoAnn's Fabric.
I used a ribbed tank top underneath since it seemed a little riske to have the kids showing off a bare back at school;-) But the tank tops were perfect and can be found at Target.
There are two patterns. One I made to fit Lily who's 10 and the other to fit Molly who's 7. For the pattern I lengthened Lily's blouse about 1" longer than the one in the photos as I thought it came out a little short. However, my kids are super tiny for their age. If you want to make these blouses for your kids first take their waist measurement and make sure it matches the pattern so you don't end up making one too tiny. Lily's pattern has a 26.5" waist and Molly's pattern has a 22.5" waist. Each pattern has left a little room so it's not too tight. On an average sized child I'd say these might be more of a fit for an 8 and 5 year old. You can always widen the pattern to suit your child.
I handmade the buttons myself. I recovered fabric buttons. It's a bit tedious but they comes out looking so good. I was able to handmake Lily's gold buttons and gold piping which goes around her heart. Here's a great tutorial on Instructables which shows you how.
Print at Home Free Heart Blouse Pattern Waist: 26.5"
Print at Home Free Heart Blouse Pattern Waist: 22.5"
Copy Shop Free Heart Blouse Pattern Waist: 26.5"
Copy Shop Free Heart Blouse Pattern Waist: 22.5"

Tutorial below:
Cut fabric and lining according to pattern.

Step 1: Sew on your bias tape to your fabric. Remember the piping faces the inside of your hem while the raw edge of your bias tape faces the raw edges of your fabric. When you get to the V shape at the TOP of your heart cut a notch in the tape and bend the tape in the shape of a V.
Step 2: When you get to the V shape at the BOTTOM of your heart cut a notch and bend the tape in the shape of a V. Now, sew your lining to your fabric right sides together along the heart shape.
Step 3: Cut notches in your heart shape. (I realize the heart shape looks a little off here. I adjusted the pattern to the correct dimensions.)
 Step 4: Sew the neckline and armhole to your lining.
 Step 5: Cut notches in your armhold and neckline.
Step 6: Sew the mid-back fabric and lining right sides together at top of heart and bottom.
 Step 7: Turn right side out.
 Step 8: Iron all seams.
 Step 9: Repeat steps 1-8 for other half of back blouse. Pin together matching the heart shape.
 Step 10: Sew front bodice to lining at armholes and neckline. Cut notches in the seams.
 Step 11: Turn right side out and press seams.
Step 12: Sew front bodice to back bodice right sides together at shoulder and side seams. Press seams.
Step 13: Sew your peplem pieces together at side seams and cut notches at bottom curve. Remember to know which side you're overlapping for your back buttons because that back peplum will be a bit longer for that side. Repeat for peplum lining.
 Step 14: Sew peplum lining to peplum at bottom curve right sides together.
 Step 15: Turn right side out and press seams.
 Step 16: Sew top of peplum to bottom of blouse.
 Step 17: Add buttons and button holes where indicated on pattern.

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