Floor Throws instead of Carpets

June 1, 2015

Just bought new floor throws for the living room. I like to call them "floor throws" because I wouldn't say they constitute carpets. This household can't handle real carpets. It eats the up and chews them out for breakfast. 
I just refinished the floors in our living room after not being able to stand looking at our stained carpet one day more. But we still needed "floor throws" because the newly polyurethaned floor was getting scratched by the sofa and ottoman.

I bought these "outdoor" medium sized 5' x 8' rugs at rugsusa.com for only $50 a piece! Use coupon code fall70 to get 70% off the full price. You really can NOT beat that. The best part is that these rugs won't look ugly within the week.
The basket weaved parts of the rug hold up pretty well under the daily abuse we inflict. If you have the same problem as me with carpets I recommend checking out the "outdoor" selection. These were a nice compromise because they were a combination of softer pile and durable flatweave.
I love the look and hey, if I change my mind or they don't hold up we're only out $100 and I can always sell them on Craigslist and get something back. I think it's definitely a win!

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Allyson said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh the floors came out so well!! And at that price I totally might be getting a couple of those rugs too!

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