Make Your Own Leather Carry Along and Fall Blanket out of Four Belts

September 10, 2014

It's hard for me to concede that fall is coming. After Christmas I loathe the winter. So any sort of change in temperature is just a sad reminder that the end of summer is approaching. I should really be living in a warmer climate.
Rather than rebel against it I find that it's best to embrace the change. There are aspects of fall that I love. Chunky sweaters, yellow leaves, bonfires, autumn colors, warm cozy blankets. So, this weekend I combined the last three on that list and made this cute Fall Blanket Carry Along. It was perfect for taking on this Saturday weekend get-together. Photos via dandiggitydawg.
This blanket is a nice mix because the plaid side can be used for warmer nights while the fur side can be used for those cooler nights.
This would also make a great cheap DIY gift for a birthday or holiday.
It's also pretty compact so you can just throw it in your car and have it with you whenever you need it.
Eloise loved the soft fur side and even slept with it the night I finished it.
The faux fur I bought at JoAnn's. It was $12.99 but with my 60% Labor Day coupon it was only $5.20 a yard. I bought one yard of that. The adorable red white and blue checked fabric I bought at the local fabric outlet for only $1 a yard!! It was amazing! They also had chambray for $1.99 a yard. Yeah. You heard me, $1.99.....a yard.....
For the blanket I just took two equals yards of fabric, one in the plaid and one in the fur and sewed wrong sides together, then turned inside out. Pretty basic.
I made the leather strapped carry along with 4 leather belts. I bought 2 of the at Goodwill for $2 each. I wish I had bought all four though because Goodwill carries a lot of stuff that doesn't sell at Target. Therefore they often have multiples of things. I could have bought four identical belts for only $8. If you try this project I recommend getting your belts at a local Goodwill, they might just have identical Target belts too! I think plain brown leather works well with this project but feel free to use whatever belt or color you like.

Step 1.
Fold your blanket and secure it with two large rubber bands on each side. Take one of your belts and wrap it around the one end of the blanket. Cut the belt about two inches after the belt loop. I cut mine just below the first few holes.

Step 2:
Round of the end you just cut. I used the original end as a guide.

Step 3:
Using your original belt that you just cut off as a guide, drill new holes in your belt. Repeat with second belt on the other side of your rolled up blanket.

Step 4:
Using your third belt, cut off the buckle.

Step 5:
Cut two strips about 11"-12" inches long depending on how wide your blanket roll is.

Step 6:
Wrap the end of one of the 12" pieces around your other belts.

Step 7:
Sew in place. Repeat with the second strap so you will have one strap on top and one strap on the bottom of your blanket roll.

Step 8:
Take your fourth belt and cut in half. I recommend cutting slightly askewed (not like in my photo). That way when you're carrying the leather strap the buckle won't rest directly on your shoulder.

Step 9:
Take that piece and sew it to the first two belts just above the middle straps. Repeat on other side. I used a square to reinforce. Yellow thread also looks nice against the brown leather.

Voila! Done!

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