28 Days of Freedom: Going to Hawaii in 3 Days!!

June 30, 2014

#SummerofSmooth #VeetSmooth

Guess where I'll be in three days? HAWAII!!!! Gah! I'm so psyched! I bought a billion bikinis, rompers and short beach coverups! You know what that means. Got to get those beach bikini legs so I'm not covering up when I should be getting a nice tan.

Before I go I tried Veet Ready-to-Use Wax Strips Hair Remover, Legs & Body.
Now when I go to Hawaii my suitcase can be an ounce lighter because I'll be leaving my razor at home. My nicely waxed legs should last all July;-) So I can bike down the Waimea Canyon in shortie shorts, walk along the warm sand at Tunnels Beach in a coverup or jump into Queen's Bath in a bikini without having to worry if people are seeing stubble. Just smoothly silky beach-ready legs!

First I rubbed one of the strips to heat it up.
Then I peeled the two apart.

Then I applied to my leg with the rounded edge toward my ankle.

Then quickly peeled off 

Gross!! Um.....Yeah. It's been a while. Oiy!!


Finally I applied
Veet® helps you feel smooth all summer long. There's nothing like the feeling of freedom that summer brings. https://www.facebook.com/veet
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