30 Days of Workout Wear: Day 7 Halter Hoodie

April 16, 2014

Welcome to Day 7 of 30 Days of Workout Wear!! Today I made this cute Zumba halter hoodie with an old thrift store long sleeved hoodie tee.

I made the front using my Silhouette machine. If you have a Silhouette machine and like the artwork you can download the Silhouette file I made here.
I saw this neat Warm Up Halter From Kiava. And figured it would be fairly easy to DIY using a hoodie tee.
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Take a hoodie tee. It can either be long or short sleeved. Just make sure the knit is thin. Don't use a sweatshirt.
Cut a scoop in the neck. If there is ribbing along the edges like this tee, cut it off.
Cut off the sleeves at the seams.
Then cut the back out to make the tee a halter. Use the white dotted lines as a reference.
Twist the hood twice. If your edges seem kind of raw you can also use Fold Over Elastic to finish it off. In fact if you used a contrasting FOE it might make the edges really POP.
Add artwork to the front. If you like the artwork I used and have a Silhouette machine you can download the file I made here. Voila! Done!

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