30 Days of DIY Workout Wear: Day 4

April 4, 2014

Welcome to 30 Days of DIY Workout Wear Day 4. This took me only 5 minutes. Pretty simple. I like to call it the Workout Twist Bolero. It's basically another crop top with a twist in the front and back but I think it looks pretty unique while you're working out. See the previous days!
See Day 1

I modeled it after this piece (the shirt portion). I didn't make mine long sleeved but that would be cool too. In fact it looks like you could make the sleeves by piecing together sleeves from other tops.
I liked how easy this was. No sewing involved.
Follow the instructions below.
Use a plain fitted thrift store tee.
Using a marker make a line indicating where you want to cut your neck hole slightly larger.
 Fold in half and cut along the line.
 Cut the bottom half of the tee an inch and a half under the arm holes.
Turn one sleeve inside out so that the shoulder is on the bottom.
 Take the shoulder....
 And turn right side out so that the shoulder is back on top leaving a twist in the middle.

2 {comments}:

dane said... Best Blogger Tips

une très bonne idée ça donne un sacré look d' enfer bravo tu es un petit génie

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

WOw .. i like this clothes Especially the hand-made

fat face copouns

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