30 Days of DIY Workout Wear: Day 2

March 27, 2014

This is just SO EASY! The look might not be for everyone if you're afraid to show off your waist but if you enjoy a little breeze it's an easy way to make a cute workout top.
See Day 1

 Take a simple thrift store tank top.
 Cut out the back. Stop at the middle of your back.
 Cut the front down the middle.
The next steps are optional if you want to sew the ends instead of tying them. If you choose to tie them just put on the shirt like a vest and cross the ends around your waist and tie in the back and you're done. If you want to sew the ends together then cross the two front pieces over one another.
Flip piece to back.
Fold the front ends toward one another and sew together.
Put it on. If you sewed the ends it might be slightly tricky to put on. Just remember to keep the waist twisted as you put it over your head.
Fold the cut edges underneath.

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