It's Pumpkin Time, Bitch!

October 21, 2013

Sorry for the profanity so early in the morning. If you're a Breaking Bad fan you get it. Check out what Brian made last night! It's a Walter White Halloween pumpkin. That's right, BRIAN made it! All he did was purchase a pattern from here for $2, printed it out then pinned it to the pumpkin and made pin marks where the lines went. Connected the dots with a pencil then carved out the lines. Voila! We're now officially the baddest house on the block;-P
They have a TON more patterns and I had NO hand in this pumpkin. Brian's actually pretty creative for someone who doesn't really do any crafting but still I'd say most people could pull this off. If you know how to trace and cut then you should be good. They have so many other interesting patterns! We searched a lot of pumpkin pattern sites for this but liked because you only had to spend $2 instead of $5 or $10.

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