My Kitchen Just Got A Lot Cooler

September 16, 2013

I must say, I'm feeling a bit like super woman today. I just installed this super cool Delta Touch2O faucet in my sink WITHOUT any help from anyone! It took a little work but the payoff was so worth it! The faucet is a HUGE upgrade from my plain old builder's grade faucet. Here's our faucet before:
And here's our faucet after!
Aside from looking sleek and dark (kind of handsome you might say) it functions like a dream. Literally. You simply touch it and it turns on. You might have seen the commercials where people with messy hands are turning on the sink by just touching it with the back of their hands....I know I have....but I have to say that doing it in person is so much more fun!
The long curved neck also helps with those tall pots. I can really get a lot more into the sink compared to my previous faucet which was a lot lower to the basin. (More room for dirty dishes! Just kidding;-) It feels like my sink just got twice as big. It's so strange! I love it.
The spray feature is attached to the faucet (unlike my old setup where the spray hose was on the side) and surprisingly this is way more convenient. I just pull down instead of having to reach over, pull up on the hose and press the button to spray. I never realized how much easier having the spray attachment at the end of your faucet would be. I find myself using it way more often than I did before.

I even found myself using the touch feature so I wouldn't get water on the faucet handle when simply washing my hands. I don't know about you but when I have a clean sink, getting water all over the faucet and the basin just rubs me the wrong way.
I was a bit hesitant about installing the faucet on my own. Brian doesn't know anything about plumbing and when I told other people about deciding to install it myself rather than hiring a plumber I was met with a lot of skepticism. And I have to admit, I was feeling a bit unsure myself. When I finally dove into the project cleaning out and organizing the mess underneath the sink was half the battle. After all that was cleared and a carpeted mat put down in it's place I got on my back and took a first look at the old faucet's innards. All I had was a dollar store adjustable wrench, a Phillips screwdriver and a bucket. I felt so unequipped but the instructions that came with the faucet said that was all I needed!
I first knew to shut off the water. That was simple enough, turn clockwise. Done. Then I took my wrench and started twisting away. About 20 minutes later I came to a bolt where I didn't have enough room to twist with my dollar store wrench. So I drove down the nearby hardware store and bought what was called a "basin wrench" for $12 (see below) and that did the trick! It lets you get into tight spaces and twist from below. Quite handy. I imagine I'll find some use for it down the road as well!
After I got the old faucet out, putting the new Delta Touch2O faucet was cake! I seriously thought installing the new faucet would take me all day. It had all these hoses and wires and looked really intimidating but actually installing the new faucet itself only took about 20 minutes. What took the longest was getting the old faucet out.
And after everything was tightened and screwed and tested I had myself a pretty amazing new faucet which the kids could not be more giddy about. (And I'm pretty giddy about myself) They loved just turning it on and off with their touch. Who would have guessed how much fun a faucet could be;-P

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Natasha said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, it looks so cool and it's really impressive that you did it yourself.

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