Foam Board Pelmet Boxes

September 27, 2014

A friend and I got together yesterday and made pelmet boxes for the windows in her nursery. This is a very simple project that anyone can do. You don't need wood, you don't even need a staple gun. Just got glue and an exacto knife (in fact we just used scissors but an exacto knife would make things easier). Get the how to below!

Scotch tape and Duct Tape
Exacto Knife
Foam Board the length of your window
Hot glue
Flat curtain rod.

Step 1: If you want a decorative bottom then you must first make a template. It's pretty easy. You don't need anything other than paper, pencil, scotch tape and a ruler. Just tape together a few pieces of paper the width of your window.

Step 2: Measure your window then cut your paper to the width of your window.

Step 3: If you are making a pelmet box with the decorative scallop like the one we made then divide the width of the paper into threes and make lines (two lines) at each division. 

Step 4: Now fold your paper in half. Make a point on the right side where you want the middle of your scallop to fall. Now make a point on the line where you want your scallops to ascend. Then with a pencil draw curves from the left bottom point to the point on the line and the point on the right. Cut out with scissors then unfold your template.

Step 5: Now tape your template to your foam core board. Trace the bottom of the design onto the board. Also, trace the sides but not the top. Now draw a line from left to right about 11" from the bottom of your board. Also now draw lines 3" to 4" on either side of your template depending on how deep your curtain rods are. Go and measure to be sure.

Step 6: Cut out along pencil lines with exacto knife. If you don't have an exacto knife (like us) what we did was score the lines with one blade of our scissors then cut along the scoring using the scissors like your normally would. (Our board had creases in two places so that's why we used the duct tape so just ignore the tape if your board does not have any creases).

Step 7: Now score the lines you made on the sides of your foam core board but don't cut the whole way through.

Step 8: Fold the board over. It should be about 3"-4" wide. Ours looks bigger so just ignore that.

Step 9: Reinforce the edges with duct tape.

Step 10: Cut out your batting in the shape of your pelmet box. Also be sure to add batting to the sides (we forget until after we cut;-) Cut two layers.

Step 11: Hot glue them to your board. You can probably also use spray glue.

Step 12: Now lay your fabric underneath.

Step 13: And cut along the shape of the box. Make notches in the rounded edges.

Step 14: Fold the fabric over to the back of your box. Hot glue in place.

Step 15: Fold over the sides and hot glue in place.

Step 16: Fold over the scallops and hot glue in place. Pull everything tight and try not to make any creases on the front side of the box.

Step 17: Now add your curtain rod by hot gluing it to the back of your box about two and a half inches down from the top. Done! Attach your curtain rod like your normally would with the pelmet box attached.

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Liz M. said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you sooo much!!!! I made 5 pelmet boxes exactly like these about 6 months ago and have yet to find a way to hang them! I cannot wait to get home and try this!!

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@Elizabeth MatlyOh wow, yeah. If you used foam core it should hang very easily. Ours was so light it felt strange hanging. The hot glue was all we needed!

Liz M. said... Best Blogger Tips

Yeah I've been so frustrated because all the tutorials I looked up were great until it came to the hanging part. Then there weren't any pictures or their would be a brief thing saying how they weren't really sure what their husbands did. Some people even had wood drilled into the wall and attached it to that. Which to me kinda defeated the purpose lol. But anyways I greatly appreciate the tip!

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@Elizabeth MatlyOh my goodness what an unnecessary thing to do! Even using wood is a bit over the top. Yeah, we just used plain old metal curtain rods. The ones with the curved sides. You can get them basically anywhere. Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot. Plus, they're the cheapest as well!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Did you add ribbon to the top and bottom? I see it in the picture but not in the instructions.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks! for the post. The way you have portrayed the design for styrofoam boxes is profound. Keep Posting..! Cheers..:D

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

This is a nice and simple . Thanks for sharing....Super Glue or Cyanoacrylate.

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