DIY Faux Paper Lantern Lamp Shades

September 6, 2013

How clever. Want to get this look but don't want to spend the designer money for it? The newest issue of Martha Stewart Living shares some interesting DIY ideas which include tying two lampshade frames together to look like paper lanterns but sturdier.

Or take two plain lampshades and bind together with stretch grosgrain ribbon. (See second photo below) Hey, you can even try ombre dying the lamp shades in the center for a really unique effect!

To see more lampshade DIY ideas check out the latest issue on news stands now! Psst! There's a really interesting one that involves wrapping twine.

Photos by Lucas Allen. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living. Copyright © 2013. For more craft ideas, check out

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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

This is indeed a beautiful blog. This creative idea in making a custom lampshade is absolutely incredible. I never thought these ideas would actually work in making a perfect DIY custom lamp shades. The ideas are so brilliant. Thanks for sharing!


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