Revamping the Rented Kitchen

August 19, 2013

I'm revamping a few things in my kitchen so that it is more functional and pretty. For a long time I've ignored the kitchen because we live in a rented house and I didn't want to sink any money into it. However, we've been here for so long now that I wish I would have put a little money into it because the kitchen has been a not-so-pretty place for far too long. Check out my Inspired Living Pinterest mood board for some pics of my current kitchen AND some plans that I'd like to implement.
The pantry is overflowing, the curtains are plain and the cabinets are packed. The ceiling is a drop type which I can't really do anything about but there ARE a few things that I can change and ALSO take with me when we move. One of which, my new Delta Touch20 Faucet, which will help to provide a punchy new updated feel to the space. My old faucet was chrome and kind of just blended in with the sink and background of my kitchen. Ideally, I'd love to have a white porcelain sink to go with it but I don't think I could take that with me when we left:-(
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