Savvy Ways to Save Instead of Spend

May 6, 2013

I remember walking through a department store at the age of six and admiring a dress with a matching sweater. When I asked if I could have it my parents pointed out the price tag. Although I no longer remember the price, I do remember the most important detail- it was too much to buy. Ever since then, I've been keenly aware of the high cost of fashion.

Most of my high school life I had been a slave to it. When I got my first real job at 16 I took my first paycheck ($96 dollars) and went to the shopping mall and bought all the things my parents said they couldn't afford to buy for me. Back then (at least where I lived) clothing was more expensive than it is now. You didn't have the cheaper chain stores and no internet. If you wanted to shop cheap there was your local generic "mart" store or there was a garbage bag full of hand-me-downs. On average I spent about $80 for a shirt and skirt. I wouldn't even pay that now! And that was nearly 20 years ago!

I'd like to say that as time went on I became more responsible with my budget in terms of the wardrobe appropriation but I have to admit I spent way more than I saved. It wasn't until age 23, one semester before I finished collage, all out of money and bored that I bought a sewing pattern for a button-down blouse and decided I was going to sew a shirt instead of buying one.

That started a long wonderful hobby that has led me here. Now if I see an expensive dress online or in a catalog I don't simply pull out my debit card. I try to figure out a way to make it myself. If I want to buy a new pair of skinny jeans I'll go to the thrift store and buy a pair of jeans for a $1 then tailor them to fit me. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I spent $80 on an outfit unless you count my sister's wedding.

Other money saving tips for those of you who don't sew from scratch:

1. If you see an expensive outfit you like check the thrift stores to see if there's something close that you can alter slightly. Ask if there's a day of the week when everything is 50% off. Many thrift stores do this.

2. Check out the cheaper chain stores in the mall. Some of them look like they are only for teenagers but every so often you can find something tasteful. If what you like is too short you can always add a lengthening slip underneath. These places are also great for accessories like belts, jewelry, sunglasses, shoes, bags, etc.

3. If you absolutely must buy something retail then buy it online, you can usually find coupon codes for between 15%-30% off plus free shipping.

4. Not all outlet stores are created equal. We have a couple really good ones where I live but we also have a couple that are ridiculous. Talk to others and figure out which ones are bogus and which ones are great.

5. Never spend over $30 for a top or bottom unless you think you'll wear it for years. I admit, there are a few tops in my wardrobe that I've spent more than $30 on but they are things I really love and I've worn for many seasons. Other cheaper "look-of-the-month" things I toss after one season.

6. Buy quality over quantity. I recommend spending $40 on one blouse you really love than $30 on six chintzy camisoles that you sort of like. Try to spend less but don't take that extra money you saved and put it toward other clothes. You'll end up spending just as much as you did if you were buying retail and in addition you'll find yourself saddled with a hoarding problem. Plus, you'll have way more laundry and that's never fun!

There to help you. That's getting to a better State.

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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the great advice! I just recently started making clothes and haven't really gotten up the courage to wear my creations out yet. I'm so nervous that it will look DIY'd and someone will notice my not-so-straight top stitching. Do you have any tips for getting over that fear?

tu-ki-mu said... Best Blogger Tips

thanks to share your true ideas, your story. you are inspired a lot of blog reader. (like me)
thanks you again...

happyfamily said... Best Blogger Tips

My friend had a rule that I really like. She wants each item of clothes to cost $1per use. Maybe not underwear, but if she spends$75 on a pair of jeans, she expects to wear them seventy-five times. It makes you rethink purchases that aren't as lasting, or are more frivolous. And rethink where you shop. I absolutely adore anthropologie, but unless I'm willing to wear that dress close to 198 times, I'd better start making something similar, go to a resale shop, or go without!

Narcissique said... Best Blogger Tips

Very interesting post! I have changed my way of spending too, but in a diferent way. When I was younger, maybe I was spending 50€ on five bad quality dresses, that probably would be old-fashioned in a few months, and I would not wear them anymore. Now, I prefer spending 50€ just on a one good dress, that is vintage or retro, and I will wear it for years, because I Love this style and I love every garment I buy. Maybe I buy more expensive items, but I buy less.

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