Saddening News from the Craft Blogging World

May 16, 2013

Today, I was incredibly saddened and shocked to hear about the very tragic death of craft blogger Kathreen Ricketson of Whip Up.

Kathreen had just signed a book deal to write, Family Road Trip, which was to document her family's one year trip around Australia. I won't go into details about the accident but you can reference the news story below.

I've featured her on this blog many times and I'm sure many of you have heard about her as well. Kathreen was a very prolific writer on her blog and incredibly creative in her personal life. I only knew her through blogging but from the small amount of contact I had with her she seemed so very kind and personable. She is very well known in the craft blogging community and her loss will surely be felt. I just wanted to express my sadness and urge others to pray for her family and children.

Here is a news link to the story.

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Whim and Pearl said... Best Blogger Tips

So tragic. So very sad. I feel for their babies -- only 10 and 13years old, I believe the report said.

Kristin said... Best Blogger Tips

This is absolutely devastating. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and the children.

2paw said... Best Blogger Tips

I live in Tasmania and knew about the deaths but no names had been released when the News went to air last night. What a shock, and those poor children. I am so glad they have family to look after them.

Jen said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my. That's so tragic! Especially for their kids. My heart breaks!

Jen said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my. That's so tragic! Especially for their kids. My heart breaks!

velosews said... Best Blogger Tips

Those poor kids. I feel for them.

SAPRENO said... Best Blogger Tips

How truly global, yet intimate, we have become because of the world wide web and world wide blogging! It only takes a moment to feel a connection as you read the words sent out regularly. And to feel like you've lost someone close in a tragic accident. Too bad there isn't a way to lower the lights like they do on Broadway. So so sad.

tu-ki-mu said... Best Blogger Tips

oo what a terrible new! ı am shocked. so sad...

Bethany said... Best Blogger Tips

So heartbreaking and very tragic. My heart goes out to her children and extended family.

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