Faux Lashes Tutorial

May 1, 2013


I have a secret. And if you saw me in person you'd never know what it is. I have the stumpiest, sparsest, straightest lashes one could ever hope to NOT have. BUT most people don't know that because I wear fake eyelashes. A lot. Most of the time I get compliments on how long my lashes are. I say thank you then shyly reveal my secret but wearing the falsies are my little way of getting noticed. 

If you want to know how to get natural looking faux lashes check out the tutorial below.
PS.....If you have blonde hair you can also purchase these in blonde and light brown. However, I've only seen these colors at specialty beauty stores. Sometimes drug stores have the light brown but never the blonde. Also, you can purchase in long, medium and short. The ones I used for the tutorial are short. And I've found the shorter ones look the most natural, especially if you're going to use an eyelash curler on them.
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Breadless Mama said... Best Blogger Tips

If the strip lashes irritate your eyes, that's probably because you didn't trim them. You have to measure them against your eye and trim off the excess.

July said... Best Blogger Tips

they are perfect! love it! do you wish more glamour? how about our polka dot jumpsuit as giveaway? please check the link: http://babu-new-and-upcycled.blogspot.de/2013/05/our-first-giveaway.html

see you:)

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@Britiney @ Consider the LiliesI leave them on until they fall off. But they don't really last for more than two days for me. But I use the latex glue. They would stay on longer if you use the clear glue. But I don't recommend using that because it rips out your real lashes. Plus even with the clear glue they get twisted and turned upside down and eventually start to look funky. I say, two days tops and then I'm done. Good luck with your party! I really do recommend using them!

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@Britiney @ Consider the LiliesIn the photo above I believe I used medium. BUT, there is a trick with the lengths. I used to buy short because I'd curl my lashes first then put in the falsies. If your lashes are curled at all, short is best. However, if you prefer to just put them overtop your non-curled lashes and your natural lashes don't curl up then I'd go for the medium to long.

It really depends on your natural lashes and how low or high they rise. Mine go straight down into my eyes but I think most people's lashes curl at least a little bit.

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