Rubber Pavers: Great for renters!

April 25, 2013

As I was perusing the Home Depot yesterday for herbs and bee (updated WASP) killing spray I discovered something pretty cool. Recycled rubber pavers! This is especially cool to me because I'm a renter AND a weakling. These pavers weigh only 8lbs and look just like the real thing. They're super easy to install and remove. I tried to take a photo in the store but my phone died:-( But trust me, they looked like actual stone pavers.
Have an ugly sidewalk that you'd like to change inexpensively. Have an ugly cracked concrete patio? Have an ugly concrete basement? Rooftop terrace? They're rubber so even if your space is slightly uneven they'll still work. PLUS, you can cut or score them fairly easily! And since they're not as hard as real pavers your kids won't hurt themselves as badly if they take a tumble on them. Check 'em out here!

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MyLittleBlueDog said... Best Blogger Tips

Bee killing spray? Don't you need the bees for the herbs?

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@MyLittleBlueDogThe kids are scared of them. There's a yellow jackets nest under the porch. It's not worth having one of them stung.

Kwn said... Best Blogger Tips

you might have heard that bees are dissappearing all over the world and its kinda a big problem. I would re-think killing them and figure out a way to live with them. in some parts of the world they have to hand pollinate their fruit trees because all the bees have been killed off by pesticides. in places like greece they don't allow pesticides and therefore their bee population isn't dying off and they produce beautiful organic honey.

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@KwnFrom what I have heard about yellow jackets, they are rarely pollinators, mostly carnivores.

sorbetsurprise said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't agree with killing bees, but in the UK we call those 'yellow jackets' wasps and they have nothing to do with bees.

Kat said... Best Blogger Tips

Don't bother the bees and they won't bother you. Jeez. Killing bees...ridiculous.

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@KatI assume you are against killing bees because they pollinate, maybe it's for other reasons but that's usually why people protect them.

The "bees" I'm talking about are yellow jackets which really don't pollinate. I think @sorbetsurprise was right when she called them wasps. So giving you the benefit of the doubt, maybe I misstated when I called them 'bees'. But I've been stung by at least two bees or wasps (I'm not quite sure which) on separate occasions that I never provoked. I didn't even know they were near me until I felt the sting. Completely out of the blue.

And furthermore, I never mentioned this (because this is a post about pavers and I thought it was silly to go into details about bees but.....) there's ANOTHER nest on the other side of our porch of carpenter bees which I haven't touched since I've read that the males have no stinger and they are good for the environment. But despite the fact that they scare my kids crazy and have no sense of boundaries or personal space we haven't killed them because I actually don't like killing things unless I have to.

That being said....if I have a yellow jacket nest under my porch a few inches away from where my kids play, I have no problem killing them. None. Guess what, I kill mosquitoes too.

Yeesh! said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the info about the pavers--who knew you'd have to go on the defensive about bees?!

Allyson said... Best Blogger Tips

Folks there is a BIG difference between honey bees and yellow jackets. I certainty wouldn't want yellow jackets around my kids either!!

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