Chevron Diaper Pail

March 27, 2013

My old diaper pail was pretty plain. Basically just an old tall trash bin. I had a real diaper pail but I found it to be too small for our heavy duty diaper needs;-P So I got this basic trash can and it's served us well. But now that I'm redoing the nursery I wanted something with a little more....kick. So I used another one of my Handmade Charlotte stencils (the chevron ones) and gave the pail a much needed makeover.
I only did the lid because the bin is tapered at the bottom and that would prove rather difficult with a stencil. If you would like to do this project all over a bin I recommend using one that is equal circumference at the top as it is on the bottom. Rounded edges are fine but equal area is key.

The color scheme of the room is going to be grey, orange, white so first I painted it with primer then I painted it with gray spray paint.

Then I used the Handmade Charlotte chevron stencil and sprayed the back with adhesive then let dry for 15 minutes. You don't want it to be too tacky or else it will peel your spray paint off.

Then I placed the stencil on the lid and using a pouncer I dabbed the Folk Art paint onto the lid.


4 {comments}:

Carissa B said... Best Blogger Tips

This looks great! What a cute idea.

Aknypm said... Best Blogger Tips

Damn. You shoot the object with camerea ? its cool, good graphics !


Katie said... Best Blogger Tips

This is super cute and trendy!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Way to make something typically boring look awesome! I love it!

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