Princess Beach/Bath Coverups

January 10, 2013

I know my girls love coverup towels and I'd really love to surprise them with a  couple of these the next time we head to the beach. When all we have left are plain towels in the bathroom and I need to get them dry I wrap a regular towel around their chest and tuck the ends in the top. It lasts all of five seconds on their wet bodies. I'm basically lucky if they make it out the bathroom door with it still on. Any of you with me? How excited would they be if you put one of these on them instead? 
These are sold via JillyGreens. Although her shop says it is currently closed until March, if you were interested in making something like this for yourself I think it would be pretty simple. Just take an existing pattern (ones with gathers in the neckline, sleeves and/or waist like the ones below would work best). Just add casing for the elastic instead of sewing gathers. Make a couple sizes too big so child can easily fit through. Or leave open in the back and sew in velcro for closure.

4 {comments}:

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my so cute! I actually drew up a concept for something similar just last night, not princess dress' but the towel cover ups! :)

Kasey McKay said... Best Blogger Tips

oh my goodness! my girls would die if i made them these, i might have to do it. thanks for the idea!

Ashley @Pretty Posy said... Best Blogger Tips

Yep, my girl would want to wear these everywhere!

Nizam said... Best Blogger Tips

ohh this really so cute and should be comfortable for my little princess.

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