DIY Touch Screen Gloves for Kids (.....or adults;-)

December 31, 2012

The girls' Aunt Caren made these really nifty DIY touch screen gloves for Christmas. You can make them too! Just use any sort of metallic thread and sew into the tips of your index and thumb fingers. And it TOTALLY WORKS! You can get metallic thread at JoAnn's but it's probably sold at most fabric stores as well. It's a really great idea for those little kiddos who like to smart phone it up in the cold. Also, great for friends or YOURSELF! Embroider thread into a heart, their initials or any kind of fun shape!

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La Vie DIY said... Best Blogger Tips

I wrote a blog about this a couple of months ago and found that shapes don't work well unless filled in. The thread only works if it can get a good conductive grip, so it has to have a lot of contact with skin. Also, it has to contain actual metal... some metallic thread is actually made from plastic (boo!) so it won't work. It's always good to try it out before buying :)

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@Auna KayThanks for all the good advice!

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