Glowing Rope Rug DIY

October 30, 2012

Is this not the coolest idea?! Think of all the other possibilities! Via Johanna Hyrkas. To make: Crochet around a rope light. To do this on your own I would recommend using spun wool roving like this, this or this. And cool to the touch LED rope lights like this. And use a skip knot (tying the fabric to your hook to begin), a chain (creating a ‘braid’), a slip stitch (pulling your hook through the stitch to join), and a single crochet (sc, the basic stitch in crochet). Keep the rope between the stitches. Get more instructions on how to make a rope rug from Upcycle Magazine. IE Keep in mind that rope lights are not made to be walked on so if you do this craft be sure that the rope light is ALWAYS in tact and no wires are exposed or simply use as decoration. Use at your own risk.

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by Camille said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks cool and I was going to make one, but when I called a led rope light manufacturer they thought it was a bad idea. They said the rope is not meant to be walked on and they would consider it a fire hazard :(

Beauty Follower said... Best Blogger Tips

It is safe to step on it?

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! This looks great. Loved the idea of rope light. Thanks for sharing.

glowing rope trim

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Do you think it is safe to use a a wall hanging? I am thinking of hanging it amongst glow in the dark stars to represent the moon.

MrsMeyers306 said... Best Blogger Tips

What size is the rug and how much wool did it take?

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

What length rope lights are used in various sizes? An 18 foot rope light would make how big of a rug? 24' rope light? 30' rope light?

junesummer said... Best Blogger Tips

I wonder how warm this would get...thinking I could use it for cat bed?

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh woowww this is really awesome !!

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