Anthropologie Parodies: Who Doesn't Like a Good Laugh?

September 26, 2012

Have any of you seen this site before? It's Anthroparodie- parodies the absurd photos that are styled for the Anthropologie catalogs. Catchphrase: "Bohemia Just Got a Lot More Expensive". (Ain't that the truth.) Now, I realize that a perfectly styled bed in the middle of a moss covered pine forest looks pretty but honestly, how realistic this scenario? Excerpts below....
Lilac Ruffled Sleeping Bag
the fresh woodland air 
the rustic sounds of nature
the sky above 
- twinkling with a million glittery stars -

nothing like a camping trip
to escape the material world


Spool Sample
our threadbare hickory spools
antiquated to the extend
that they won't function in any modern sewing machine
are the perfect garnish for your purely decorative "sewing nook"

known for their low, ragamuffinly status
living in desperately sad and appallingly filthy conditions
and begging for scraps of food just to stay alive
will simply adore this embroidered top!

from afar
as they could never afford such an extravagance 


a tasteful amalgamation of flora and fauna
this mild-weather warmer screams:
welcome to the junglegarden
also available in zebradaisy

in charlotte's defense
the clarinetist was playing
the bill withers' classic: "lean on me"

3 {comments}:

Madkrakatoa said... Best Blogger Tips

Sometime they are a bit over the top,specially when we talk about how much they charge for a knob ... however I love their windowss displays!

Caryn S said... Best Blogger Tips

I've often wondered if anyone actually buys their products. I suspect they only exist to keep artsy photographers employed!

Haylee said... Best Blogger Tips

haha yes, I love this.

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