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No More Sinking Bridesmaids

August 29, 2012

No way! Did you know about these? Photo via weddingbee. Plastic thingies via Heels Above. Read her review on weddingbee. It sounds like a winner.

3 {comments}:

Sandy said... Best Blogger Tips

Have never heard of these, but what a great idea!

Princess Dory said... Best Blogger Tips

Great idea! But doesn't look discreet enough for me >< But I looked for more and these Starlettos looked more like a decoration than one that prevents heels from sinking into soil!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I used these for my wedding last year. They were awesome. You can't see them once they are on. I ordered them for all the women attending my wedding and put them in a basket near the guest book so they could just grab a pair and throw them on before stepping out onto the grass. Pretty fair price too!

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