King Size Pool Float DIY

July 7, 2012

I may only have a cheesy Intex pool but I still would love to have one of these. They are kinda pricey $249 so I was wondering if it's possible to DIY it. It's made NOT with an innertube but loose foam beads (like the bean bag kind)? The top is made of Sunbrella Canvas. I assume the bottom is made from some kind of plastic. I wonder if you'd have to contain the foam beads or just have them loose in the canvas. Maybe you could fill a king sized inflatable mattress with the foam beads? I would probably just try to fill them loosely.
These floats are 60"x75". That's 31.25' square feet. You can buy the bean bag filler from this store for $8.62 per 3.5 cubic feet (I couldn't find anything cheaper than that). So for $43 you could purchase 5 bags that would equal 17.5 cubic feet. With a 1/2 depth to the float, that should be enough.
The Sunbrella fabric would be another ticket item. You would need 6'x5' feet of it. It comes in 54" wide pieces so if you're willing sacrifice the 6" on the side you would only need to buy 2.08 yards. The cheapest ones at JoAnn's are $14.99 a yard. That's $30 total. For the bottom you'd have to buy some kind of rubber fabric. I found this marine vinyl at JoAnn's. With a 40% off coupon it would be only $10 a yard, $20 total. SO, for around $93 you could try and make one of these for yourself.

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Pam said... Best Blogger Tips

I went to buy some pool noodles this year, and right next to the foam pool noodles, were these fabric mesh noodles filled with loose foam beads. As I was inspecting them and trying to figure out if I would like them or not, a women walked by and started telling me that they had bought some last year, and she loved them. So I bought a couple to try. It's actually a great flexible noodle. (I just hope that my 3 boys don't destroy them with their teenage boy tricks, because I would hate for the beads to get into the pool.) Hadn't seen these pool floats yet, but they look like they would be awesome!

Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

Or just sew a decent cover you can live with for that king size air mattress and call it good!!

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