Glow Sticks and Cotton Candy

July 5, 2012

Last night we watched the fourth of July fireworks. As we approached the park Lily started begging for glow sticks. I hadn't brought any money and neither had Brian. Then, the ever so thoughtful, Ann pulled out dollar store glow sticks she had the foresight to bring for all the kids.

Glow sticks are so underutilized at our household. Check out this idea for cotton candy sticks! This would be a great idea for a party. Via Tiki Sweetz.

Also a great glow stick idea for a party.....filling balloons with them. Via Play at Home Mom LLC.

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sorbetsurprise said... Best Blogger Tips

The cotton candy looks great but I would worry that kids might bite down on the glow sticks and they are pretty toxic.

whirlygirl said... Best Blogger Tips

Glow sticks are completely non toxic, in fact. I am a poison control nurse, and a certified toxicology specialist.

whirlygirl said... Best Blogger Tips

Glow sticks are in fact, non-toxic. I know this because I am a poison control nurse, and hold a specialty certificate in toxicology. The sticks pictured, however, have LED lights in them, and are not actually traditional glow sticks at all.
But even if it was a real glow stick, and a child somehow it into it, they would only need to rinse thief mouth out with water, and would be fine....

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