Flip Flop Easy Embellish

July 3, 2012

Imagine the possibilities! First image via Trinkets in Bloom. 
Scroll down for second tutorial via The Mother Huddle.

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Rhubarbarians said... Best Blogger Tips

These cloth flip flops are completely fabulous. VERY circa 1970s. Love them.


Mike and Shayla said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for sharing these. It was nice of you to give credit to The Mother Huddle, but it's sad for them that someone made one image out of the full set of pictures and the pin doesn't even lead back to them.
I would be a bit upset if a tutorial I made was being passed around the internet in a way that generated no traffic for my site. I would wish that people would pin/post a picture of the final product, and link to the tutorial. I'm sure you'd feel the same.
Also, I think I found the original creator of the beaded flip flops, if anyone is interested in the full tutorial with more instructions. It is on Trinkets in Bloom http://www.trinketsinbloom.com/wearable-diy/diy-beaded-flip-flops/

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@Mike and ShaylaI agree, and thanks for the link to the first pic. Whenever I post something I normally always try to link back to original pinner.

This time, the Pin link didn't go anywhere, neither did the second pic. However, whenever I encounter that I usually go ahead and do a google image search and look for the original pinner that way.

I did manage to find the second one but not the first. So thanks for the link, I added it to the post.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Genius DIY project! Too simple to not to try.

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