Inspiration Clothing: Applique Bunny Skirt

July 24, 2012

Now that Lily is officially a bunny owner I'm thinking of getting her this skirt for the start of school as a surprise. Isn't it just adorable! It's $54. Yowsza! But Boden does have a coupon code for 15% off and free shipping. Use AF29 on checkout. Also comes in a red horse applique. Perhaps I could try to make this on my own but with just one applique bunny on the side.
Source: via Jan on Pinterest

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Laura said... Best Blogger Tips

Even with multiple appliques, it's a simple enough garment. Bet you could make it in an afternoon!

Gwen said... Best Blogger Tips

I was shopping Threadless and came across this... thought you might like it for Lily -,guys/style,shirt
I love the plum colour, but they only have it in little girls' sizes

Bloomsandbugs said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my daughter got stuck on the frooty skirt from this edition of Mini Boden. I finally made her this:

Somewhat different than the original but I didn't want to copy the whole garment anyway, just enough to please my doll. Which she was.

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