10 Most Fun Looking Blanket Forts on the Internet

July 19, 2012

Why are blanket forts so universally fun? Certainly somewhere in your stash of old photos there's one of you inside a blanket fort with your sibling. But have you seen one like this?

So if you have some free time today and haven't made a blanket fort with your kids, crack out the camera, tear the blankets off the bed, throw the pillows on the floor and enter into that rite of passage we all eventually get to enjoy. And check out this NY Times article about lessons in the art of blanket fort construction.

1. Add a box fan.
Source: thechive.com via Emma on Pinterest

2. Add a Movie Screen.

3. Make it colorful

4. Make it glow.

5. Do it outdoors.

6. Sometimes simple can be beautiful as well.

7. One rope equals instant blanket fort.

8. Tight, taught and airy.

9. With passages and standing room.
Source: flickr.com via Ainsley on Pinterest

10. If you print a house design on a blanket you can have an instant fort anytime. This might be a cool trick to try with the new Ink Effects I just posted about last week.
Source: google.com via Kathleen on Pinterest

11. One to grow one. FLUFFYTOWN!

3 {comments}:

Emily said... Best Blogger Tips

These are awesome! Lighting makes a great difference! So glad to see #11 from one of my favorite shows!!!

Michelle said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE the last one (for community) and the one with the tv screen with arrested development playing (and it seems like buster and lucille are also in a blanket fort LOL)

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@EmilyI know! Mine too! I was so glad it got picked up last season and for next year too.

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