Kid's Birthday Gifts: A Little Something Extra

June 27, 2012

I think these would be a great 'extra' addition to a birthday gift for a kid, especially if you bought something small and wanted to add a little something more. You can buy the lollis, the pot and the floral foam in one trip to the dollar store! $3 total! Molly saw this photo while I was writing the post and said, "Will you get all those lollipops? For me? Please." So, there's your test group. Proof it will be a hit. Via The Z-Pack.

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Rhubarbarians said... Best Blogger Tips

These are SO adorable. Love them.
Thanks for sharing,

Waseem said... Best Blogger Tips

Best and simple gifts for kids...look easy to do.
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Disney store India said... Best Blogger Tips

Lollipops are great idea for birthday gifts for kids specially.
The lollipops are well decorated and yummy too.
Like it.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Abacus puzzles are great idea for birthday gifts for kids specially.

Thanks for sharing.

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