Outdoor Movies & My Local Dream Home

May 15, 2012

Poor me:P I have a thumbnail of a yard. I never really desired to live in the country but now that I'm getting older I find myself longing for a large piece of land. In my dream yard I have enough room for a pool for the kids, a dining set for eating al fresco, an outdoor L-shaped sofa to relax on, a playset for the kids, a jacuzzi for soothing my tired body and a place for outdoor movies in the middle of an an apple orchard. Check out the Ardent's Sparrow compilation of outdoor movie parties.
There's a house I'm in love with for sale a couple miles from us here. It's far enough out that it has a few acres of land but close enough that it wouldn't take that long to go anywhere. Plus, if you look, it's very 70s modern. It was on the foreclosure Homepath list a few years ago for only $280,000. Someone must have bought it in hopes of turning it for a profit because it's now on the Remax list for $100,000 more:( There's only a couple things I'd change if it were mine but I just hope whoever buys it doesn't poorly update it to clash with the style.

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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

It's gorgeous, is it a feasible option or just a daydream at this stage? Real Estate lust is my biggest weakness, it drives my husband insane. I'm desperate to move to the country but it's not on the cards for us for a couple of years.

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@EdwinaTotal daydream. Even at $280,000 it was out of our price range. I'm desperate to move as well but I think we'll be staying at our current house for at least another two years. Maybe by then that house will not have sold and be on the foreclosure list again. JK. Kinda.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

That house is GORGEOUS!!!
I love the idea of outdoor films - but living in England we would get maybe 2 days a year where it would be feasible (I don't know why but our weather has been awful for the last 5 years. Before that we used to get a good 6 weeks of glorious weather every summer. Now we consider 2 weeks to be good!!)

I too would love to live in the country, with lots of land and huge windows to let all the lovely light in the house; but at the moment even the cost of the legal & moving fees (close to 10000GBP once you add everything in!!!)would be too much for us.

However, we do have a fund for a trip to Disney World for our 5th wedding anniversary - Sunny days and outdoor movies here we come!

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