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Cute Shoe Hanger Tutorial

April 27, 2012

I barely have enough closet space for my clothes let alone my shoes but this is a great idea if you have a walk in closet. Especially since you can hang the bar so low.
Source: via Manoj on Pinterest

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Claire (aka Seemane) said... Best Blogger Tips

What a great idea! And who doesn't have a few wire coat hangers lurking at home to use for this?

Florence said... Best Blogger Tips

Great idea ! Thank you to share !

Kimberly said... Best Blogger Tips

It seems to me that you could make another from the left over hanger piece, too. You would just have to use it by taking the shoes on and off in the closet.

heidi said... Best Blogger Tips

i have never seen something like this before, but i love it! so clever.

Kate said... Best Blogger Tips

I need to do this!! :)

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