Nautical Summer 2012

March 13, 2012

Now that it's so warm outside I've got bathing suits on the brain.
Some super cute AND currently available swimsuits for this summer!
1. Miss Selfridge Stripe 50's Style Bikini
7. Fables by Barrie Sailor Swimsuit
9. Amourouse Red and White Bow Bandeau Set

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BluBabesCreate said... Best Blogger Tips

These bathing suite are so cute, I'm tempted to wear one for my 3 hour Mormon church on Sunday. After all, church can sometimes be a little boring and it never hurts to shake things up a little bit. A-te-he-he!

Bri said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh these inspire me to think about bathing suits too!

Megan M said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my, number 11 is probably the cutest suit I have seen in a LONG time ... Too bad about the price tag, tho! Maybe I could find a similar fabric at my fav spot...

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

If only I had some extra money kicking around.......Wow... so sweet!

Sam I Am...... said... Best Blogger Tips

You picked out some great ones! I love them but I don't "do" swimsuits anymore plus I've had a little skin cancer so sunning is out plus at my age it would have to be those old type suits that they wore back in the 20's! LOL! That's probably all I would feel comfortable in at this stage! LOL! And even that wouldn't probably look too good on me now. Flaunt it now cuz you'll lose it later!

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