Inspiration Home: A Router in Disguise

March 16, 2012

I have my router stashed under my sofa along with about a million other devices but this is a fabulous idea! Get the tutorial at Anamu.

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indywriter said... Best Blogger Tips

When I rad this post in my blogger dashboard, it didn't show the picture. I read your piece and wondered why in the world anyone would keep their power tools under their couch. All I could think was, that it was so dangerous with little kids in the house...

So I clicked to see the post on your site. Sheesh! *That* kind of router never occurred to me. And my masters degree is in information technology. I'm gonna feel a bit sheepish the next student loan payment I make. ;)

ladykatza said... Best Blogger Tips

As someone that works with networking equipment for a living you have to be REALLY careful about this. If you don't allow for proper ventilation your equipment is going to overheat and stop working a lot faster.

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