Boob Light Makeover

March 14, 2012

Our home had about one of these boob lights in each room when we moved in. I think landlords put them in because they're cheap and not terribly offensive. They're just not very impressive and quite generic. Since I know how to hard wire the electrical work, I promptly changed them out for other fixtures mostly because I don't like the sort of light they cast but if you are stuck with yours here's some good ideas to revamp what you've got.

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elizabeth said... Best Blogger Tips

lol!! we have these going down the hallway and i am always calling them that!! my husband (an electrician btw) thinks im nuts--i am going to show him this post!!! :)

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Everybody thinks I'm INSANE for calling them boob lights. Glad to know I have some company in my insanity!! =)

S said... Best Blogger Tips

oh, hahahahahaha I had never made that connection before. I will forever call them boob lights now. =D

Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

We have "boob" lights too- I just purchased vintage lantern style for our hall.

I love the compass, but our ceiling is textured. :(

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

LOL!!! I have ALWAYS called them that!!! Love that there are fellow like-thinking people out there!

Olivia said... Best Blogger Tips

haha I've always called them boob lights too. My apartment is full of them! I definitely need to get a ladder and do something with those sad little lights.

xx Olivia

Mel said... Best Blogger Tips

Haha! Hubby thinks its funny I hate them so much and when we redid our lighting I went out of the way to avoid them.

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

I love, love the second one with the starburst. Inspired!

Keepin' Up With The Jones said... Best Blogger Tips

That's a great idea! I never thought about doing anything like that; Thanks!

The Mrs. said... Best Blogger Tips

I always call them the BOOB light I'd rather go back to those dust collecting glass dishes that used to be cool then weren't and now are ;) I have tried a few boob light fixes but these are too cool! Do they have a technical name?? Contractor lighting maybe...boob light is waaaay better! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Must be a girl thing...I think they looks like boobs, too....not to mention that I do have them in my studio!!!!!

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