Paint Your Washing Machine

February 10, 2012

I love how this turned out. The turquoise is also painted over the original black. Don't know how brave I'd be painting over a decent looking washing machine but if it turned out like this, it would be worth it!
I'm guessing this technique would also work with any other metal appliance.
Get the tutorial at Five Days Five Ways.

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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Maybe I could just make polka dots out of vinyl with my Silhouette and stick them on there...then it's not permanent:)

Amanda said... Best Blogger Tips

I saw this earlier, how awesome! Just thinking now what I can cover in polka dots!

Giulia said... Best Blogger Tips

great idea! maybe it would be more simple doing it using wall stickers?

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

ooh thats's lovel - my washing machine was donated and is looking a little worse for wear - I've not got the money to do up the kitchen and give it its own special cupboard, so this would be perfect! xx

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