Casey's Two Seam Top

February 1, 2012

Casey of Casey's Elegant Musings recently posted a new vintage pattern she sewed. It's a two seam top and I think it's just delightful! For only being a simple rectangle the finished look is really beautiful. Check more of Casey's post and a link to a flickr image of the pattern here.

And how lovely does Casey look in it?

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Rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

I am so impressed, especially for only two seams. That is such an elegant top.

Anna said... Best Blogger Tips

great tutorial!

Casey Maura said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks ever so much for featuring my top!!! :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

so cool! I love it!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it, very simple but effective!
if you have the time check my new blog tell me what you think, tnx

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