Practical Nursing Blanket Alternative

January 28, 2012

This is such a more practical idea. Don't get me wrong. I like nursing covers too but many times I was caught without having one on hand. And nursing with a simple blanket can be....challenging. These look totally simple to sew. You could keep one of these in everyone of your purses at all times and use whatever blanket was available on hand. Get the tut here.
Source: via Maho on Pinterest

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Michelle said... Best Blogger Tips

That looks a lot more practical than the blankets and covers made just for nursing. Although, after nursing four babies, I got good enough at covering up with my clothes that I rarely even used a blanket unless I was in a public situation where it seemed absolutely necessary.

cdfraley85 said... Best Blogger Tips


Holly said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm looking to start trying for my first baby this year and it's things like this I want to bookmark and try and remember when the time comes that I need them!

Make It Happen Mama said... Best Blogger Tips

It kind of looks like those mattress straps :-)

mon said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello! I have been following your blog for under a year and just wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how much I enjoy it! I am truly amazed at what beautiful dresses you have created! I also understand that in the (future) you plan on sharing some of your patterns. I am new at sewing, but am encouraged to find masterpieces that I would love (at this point try) to make. Congratulations on your new little boy. I too am challenged with trying to do things around the house with my two little ones. Thank you thank you for sharing your creations and ideas with your internet followers!!!! Hoping you and your little one and family have some restful days ahead!

JuneBug said... Best Blogger Tips

Then when you're done nursing... use it to turn any napkin or washcloth into a bib! So efficient :)

Jen said... Best Blogger Tips

Now this is really clever! And timely for me, since I'm expecting baby #4 and detest nursing covers with a passion. This, however, is an excellent way to ensure there is no 'slippage' with a blanket, and since I can make it myself, I won't be adding something new to my collection of baby stuff. Thanks for sharing this.

Rebekah said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree -- brilliant idea. My MIL bought me one of these to use when our soon-to-arrive little one comes. I'm so excited about using it, and I plan to start early and use it occasionally at home just for practice so maybe this baby won't be as distracted by being covered as my first was!

IPO Wala said... Best Blogger Tips

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