Silhouette CAN Cut Fabric

November 27, 2011

Please forgive my bad photos. My DSLR's battery died. I have really good news! The Silhouette CAN cut fabric. I tried to cut fabric a while back with it but was unsuccessful. However, this time around I ironed on fusible interfacing (which I bought at JoAnn's) on the back and VOILA it cut like a dream.
For the second shirt- Molly's ornament tee- I used Heat'n'Bond which is sort of like double sided interfacing but not as thick. That way I wouldn't have to sew around the applique, just iron on. It worked fantastic as well! I used quilter's weight cotton for the appliques.

The thing I REALLY like about discovering that the Silhouette will cut fabric is that I no longer have to buy special heat transfer material to make tees. Just Heat'n'Bond and fabric in my choice. Plus, I can use different patterned fabric instead of just solid colors.
A few things....
The software recommended that I cut at a 3 setting. However, when I used 3 it didn't cut anything just made an outline. So I set it to 8 and it cut just fine. I also cut flannel at an 8 for the mittens which is thicker and more fibrous than regular quilter's cotton. Also, for finer details, like the zigzag pattern in the round ornament, a setting of 5 worked best.
Now, I'm really curious whether or not it will cut stiff felt. I don't think it would cut regular felt but perhaps stiffened might work. I think I'll try this tomorrow and let you know! That would be REALLY fantastic. You could make those cute flower barrettes without having to buy special cutting dies.

These shirts would also make great gifts for kids. I like the idea of appliqueing their names on long sleeved tees, or mom, dad, sister, etc.

And don't forget!!!!!!!!!

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Debra Joy @ jubilee life said... Best Blogger Tips

I've pretty much been exclusively using my Cameo for cutting fabric ever since I got it! However, I've had trouble cutting through anything thicker than quilter's cotton fabric. I'm impressed you got it to cut flannel - I've not had success with that yet, but will try again. Also, be warned, I tried to cut through thin corduroy with interfacing and used it at setting 10, and it successfully cut through the fabric (barely), but also THROUGH my cutting mat! Yikes! I also think I ruined the blade because it hasn't worked right since. I also got lint in the blade casing that I had to vacuum out - big pain. So, I wouldn't count on being able to cut through felt. I wish!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh How cute, I Love the mittens

BluBabesCreate said... Best Blogger Tips

What a fun project! I have missed seeing your family all over the internet!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I tried doing this last year with no luck. I haven't tried again. I thought I would have to just buy the silhouette brand. Thanks for the tip. I can't wait to attempt it again. I love saving money with the silhouette!

Angie - said... Best Blogger Tips

I would be VERY interested to know if it cuts felts. I like to make little embroidered barrettes for my daughter, Serenity and it would be so much easier if I got a Silhouette!

A.J.A. said... Best Blogger Tips

Have you tried using heavy spray starch to stiffen the fabric? It might work if you didn't want to interface.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Did you use the carrier or just run it through on it's own? Seems like it would gunk up the carrier mat. Any tips for cleaning it to get more life out of it?

samantha said... Best Blogger Tips

I bought fusible interfacing from Joann's a few months ago and it performed miserably, and I broke down and used the Silhouette stuff. I'm wondering if you could share exactly what you used? Also, I only have the SD Silhouette - maybe that's the difference?

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

Haven't tried that. It might work if your mat was sticky enough.

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

I put it through the mat. But I have had to spray adhesive on my mat but I think that was due to the fact that I made those 25 advent gift boxes. I used Loctite spray adhesive lightweight bonding. I'll let you know how it goes.

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

I just used the lightweight fusible BUT I used it when my mat was at full stickiness when I first got the machine. I tried to do it recently after I had made the advent calendars and it did not work. So I bought some Loctite spray adhesive for lightweight bonding and sprayed it on my mat. I'll be writing a post about it soon so look for that to see how it goes.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I have to make it for my kids :).

MrsNehemiah said... Best Blogger Tips

Would it work to iron on freezer paper? Way cheaper if it works.

Kristina said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for posting about this. I just got a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas (EEEEEEIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!) and I'm trying to learn about it now, and to figure out where I can save money (such as NOT having to buy their special interfacing). Thanks again!

Sheri said... Best Blogger Tips

I am just now trying to cut flannel and wondered if, when cutting any fabric, do you cut with the interfacing facing up or the fabric facing up? I have tried both ways and not having much luck with either. Thanks in advance!

Liz said... Best Blogger Tips

@MrsNehemiahI used freezer paper to cut some lightweight cotton muslin - it worked ok-with some fraying, but the muslin tends to fray easily.
I have a question, has anyone cut burlap or linen with their silhouette cameo? If so, how?
I thought of covering it with contact paper and sticking it fabric side down to the mat, but have not tried it yet.

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