Tutorials 85: T-Shirt Weaving

October 5, 2011

Hey, check out those sleeve! 
Looks pretty cool, right?

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Mrs. Biscuit said... Best Blogger Tips

So cool! Thanks for sharing!! I'm going to go click on the link NOW!!

<3 http://muffinlovesbiscuit.blogspot.com/2011/10/socks-and-buns.html

Mel said... Best Blogger Tips

I think my daughter is going to love this!

Rie said... Best Blogger Tips


polly said... Best Blogger Tips

The flipflop ideas look great!! Can't wait to try with my teenage daughter who is always uncomfortable in dressy sandals. Now I can get her some basic flipflops, dress them up a bit, and avoid the fighting!thanks!

polly said... Best Blogger Tips

I wonder if the flipflops could be dressed up or made more interesting for a boy- maybe using rope or a man's tie?

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