Ideas: Ambient Light Pillow

October 23, 2011

I wonder if there would be an easy way to make this? I thought I'd find something on Instructables but no such luck. You can buy one but they're really expensive $179 at Yanko Design.

Would be a great gift for that child in your life who is afraid of the dark. Also makes neat ambient light in a room.

If anyone knows of a way to make one of these I'd love to hear it! 

Apparently, it's battery operated and lasts for about 4 hours until it then dims down and turns off.

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Kimberly said... Best Blogger Tips

I wonder if you could put one of those tap lights inside. They don't have exposed bulbs and don't generate too much heat. perhaps with the high grade fiberfill that has flame retardant/resistant properties to it??????
It would provide a low light, but I don't think those lights have timers - only tap to turn on and off.

Molly said... Best Blogger Tips

maybe buy a glow worm and stick it inside?

Melanie said... Best Blogger Tips

this link shows a photo of the lights that are in the pillow. They are led lights..

~*Staci*Lynne*~ said... Best Blogger Tips

Along with what Melanie said.... Take a look at this site. This is the one that I used to order the lights and make my own pattern. Since there was 12 bulbs, I did a spider for my son, because he is extremely scared of the dark and it was easy to travel with too. Super easy, super quick shipping. Lights cost me $40.00 plus shipping. Be creative, it's tons of fun!!!!

P.S. It was such a hit, I have been asked to make 4 other pillows for children in my small town!!!

debra lynn said... Best Blogger Tips

There are the lights you can put in clothing that would probably work, check and maker faire. They sell kits to put the little lighs in fabric, but it may be more of atwinkle effect.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Great idea and very doable for far less money. Finding the silicon bubbles for purchase online, though, has proven to be impossible.

Lacie said... Best Blogger Tips

This would be a pretty simple project using either EL Wire, or LED Bulbs. Both of those options stay relatively cool and don't heat up the fabric. The other option (and pricier), is this light fabric "Luminex"

The electronic parts are pretty basic and most company's that sell EL or LED bulbs have kits that are quite simple to put together.

I adore illuminated fashion (and home decor too), and I love seeing it pop up on this lovely blog.

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