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October 11, 2011

Remember that no heat curling tutorial I linked to a couple months ago? I always wanted to try it and wash my hair in the morning to wear up and let dry during the day because I don't like the feeling of having my hair bound up by night when I'm trying to sleep. But I didn't really like the band across the forehead look. But this decorative crochet lace above the bang might be a solution. I'm guessing you would just need doubled crochet trim and elastic to recreate. Here's a simple and quick tutorial on how to do that.

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SWD said... Best Blogger Tips

that's a nice idea. i had tried the band idea but just for a couple of hours, not overnight. I got some nice soft curly waves out of it, & would love to try it longer to see if i could get actual curls, but i really didn't like the constriction of such a small line on that part of my head but maybe a wider lace at the front would distribute the force enough to be more comfortable. (sorry i don't know how to say it in non-nerd speak... hope that makes sense.)

Nicole said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes I also just do it in the morning and after a couple of hours it's nice and wavy...stays in pretty well too. The key is NOT to get my hair very wet to start's just barely dampened really. And I don't use a tight headband to create it. I use those crochet headbands you buy in a pack of 5 at the gives softer waves (not so tight) and it actually looks pretty cute while my hair is up too. That post you did on this hair technique really changed my life! :)

Leigh Anne said... Best Blogger Tips

After you did the post about the no-heat curls, I went to YouTube and watched. Then found another one that was similar but a bit different in method. My hair is layered and shoulder-length, so it didn't work as well, but I think it would be awesome w/ long hair. Here's the link if you wanna check it out. Have seen other posts in blog land about it working really well :)

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I've worn my hair twisted up all day (it's super cute) and then taken it out about an hour before a big event. Such an easy thing to do. And I always pull the band up over my forehead.

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