Costume Ideas 11: Lumberjack

October 21, 2011

Oh Jordan's son is too cute! You could make this easily with face paint, plaid shirt, suspenders and a wool cap. OH, and of course a plastic hatchet;) I think the younger your child, the cuter this costume will seem:P 
See more pics on Oh Happy Day.

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cbryan said... Best Blogger Tips

I definitely went to a costume party once dressed as a lumberjack! All my friends show up dressed in sexy lady costumes (cats and the like) and I come dressed as a dirty, bearded man haha! It was fun :)

Michelle said... Best Blogger Tips

since we live in alaska, no one would even notice this as a costume! It seems like every man (and the occasional woman)in the grocery store looks kind of like this. It is super adorable anyway!

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