Silhouette Phillies Hoodie

September 16, 2011

Last night I took the train into Philadelphia and met up with Brian after work to see the Phillies vs. the Marlins. Brian's a BIG baseball fan (he won his fantasy league two years ago) and I scored these AH-MAZING seats 10 seats up from homeplate for his birthday off Stubhub. We had never been quite that close before.
I made the hoodie last minute with my Silhouette machine! Thank God for that cause it was FAHREEZING last night. I heard grown men around me complaining about the cold. I got the hoodie at Community Aid Thrift Store for only $1.50 and I used a jpeg logo I found off a google image search and the Silhouette software to make a heat transfer logo to iron onto the side and back of the jacket. Seriously, can't tell you how many times that little machine has come in handy;)

Oh and BTW, the Phillies won last night! It was a pretty close game. Went into 10 innings I believe. If one other game in the league had gone a different way last night's game could have been the game to clinch the division but it didn't turn out that way. Still pretty awesome nonetheless.
One more thing! On our way into the park we witnessed a double rainbow (all de way) over Citizen's Bank Park. But my iphone really didn't do it justice.

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Modavesaire said... Best Blogger Tips

every post, you look so beautiful...

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@MODAVESA─░REThank you:) I had (have) a cold that night and was a little self conscience about my red stuffy nose. It looked a lot worse as the cold night went on.

Olivia said... Best Blogger Tips

Go Phillies! Nice hoodie! I'd like one myself!

My brother was at that game last night. I was just watching from home. It was a great one!

BluBabesCreate said... Best Blogger Tips

I NEED one of those machines. A double rainbow?! Pretty cool.

julee said... Best Blogger Tips

Love my Phillies,....Love you jersey!

sundari said... Best Blogger Tips

Very cheerful colors and beautiful sareeby Rev

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