Ideas 29: Print on Fabric with Your Inkjet Printer

September 19, 2011

I know I'm really late for this bus but it IS possible to print on fabric with freezer paper! I'd like to try it sometime. I guess the freezer paper stiffens the fabric enough so that it won't bunch up in the printer.

It is recommended to use 200 thread count cotton fabric like quilting weight cotton. Also only use on inkjet printers. As for washing and the colors running when getting it wet there are several options to prevent this from happening. First you can buy waterproof inkjet ink. Second you can treat the fabric beforehand with Bubble Jet Set. Third you can treat the fabric after with Scotch Guard or any kind of fabric protecting spray. You can also soak the fabric in vinegar for a couple hours which is said to help as well! And be sure to iron your fabric with the hottest setting after you print to set the ink.

Check out Domestically Speaking's framed burlap print above! The possibilities are limitless. Think of all the wedding uses alone;) I bet if burlap works then canvas would as well.

Oh my gosh, if you had a large format printer (like this one) you could print your OWN fabric by the yard. Now THAT would be cool!

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Aurora said... Best Blogger Tips

I just tried to print on fabric using a dfferent method. I used a spray adhesive and glued a piece of muslin on a piece of regular old computer paper and it worked great for me! Would have been better if I wouldn't have been out of colored ink :/

Twigs and Twirls said... Best Blogger Tips

I to just did the spray adhesive and card stock and it worked great. I too would like to try the freezer paper style plus its good for other crafts too. I am looking forward to doing some more projects with this method.

Erica @ Acire Adventures said... Best Blogger Tips

I experimented with this a year ago when I made a quilt for my nephew. I printed a little note for him onto some fabric (using freezer paper to stabilize it), ironed it well, and sewed it on. A year later the tag still looks perfect and it has been through the wash many times. I just used my normal printer ink and didn't treat the fabric at all!

Michelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Love your blog!
Perfect timing... I have been trying to figure out the best way to put a design onto needlepoint canvas (other than painting the picture which would require figuring out all the yarn colors on my own!)

I found the recommended freezer paper method. Also, a suggestion to pre-treat the canvas with clear stenciling ink ( ... then print it on the canvas.

The last time I made a canvas I used the photo transfer paper that you print and iron on a shirt. It was pretty successful, but my father-in-law did have to push through a few of the holes:D

Open for suggestions!

OrloSubito said... Best Blogger Tips

I use my printer to stamp the labels for designs, and I just iron them after, I use spray glue to attach the fabric, to a normal A4 piece of paper.
the ink is very resistant to washing, my husband tshirts have already been washed millions of times and the labels are almost the same
I made a tutorial here:
Spanish and Italian, but don't be afraid to ask!!!!!!

ohhh and we made our wedding favors too stamping in some cotton fabrics,

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