Gift Ideas 4: Dollar Store Gloves

September 27, 2011

Dollar Store Gift idea! 

Buy long sleeved knit gloves for $1 and add large fabric wool or herringbone buttons on the side for Modcloth/Anthro style. 

Maybe even use patterned fabric on the buttons for a more custom look.

If you're crafty enough you could also try embroidering their intials on the top button of each glove.

4 {comments}:

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

What dollar store did you find those gloves? I've been looking all over for affordable red gloves exactly like these and never thought to check my dollar stores.

elizabeth said... Best Blogger Tips

this is soooooo clever! Great gift idea!!!!!! Thanks so much for posting!

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@relynndareMy local dollar store has a ton of them but I guess it really depends on what your local dollar store stocks. Not all of my local dollar stores sell the same stuff. Maybe another store might have some?

AngiDe said... Best Blogger Tips

Such a fantastic and inexpensive idea!!

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