Ideas: Clothes Book

August 15, 2011

Forty-Two Roads made this really cute kids fabric book out of their old clothes. Check it out here.

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Ash Nichols said... Best Blogger Tips

That's such a cool idea and would make me feel less guilty about cutting up clothes

The Tuckerbag

daniii♥ said... Best Blogger Tips


Kunklebaby said... Best Blogger Tips

Ohh man that is cute!!

SofiAlgarvia said... Best Blogger Tips

Loved this idea, and I believe my nephew would love to have a clothes book - so cute! said... Best Blogger Tips

cute! wish i had little people to make this for....hmmm...i could think of a few!


PapayaStudio said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow I love it! Now I have a purpose for the come home from the hospital clothes and the first birthday dress and shirt. Otherwise they'll just sit in a box collecting dust never being seen.

Thanks for the awesome idea!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

This is full-on brilliant. It seems much healthier than grabbing up baby clothes and desperately pressing them against your whole face when you find them in a pile. I think the nostalgia would be far more bearable in book form.

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