Ideas 13: Palette Chairs

July 20, 2011

MORE palette love. What will the world do?!
Kind of looks like something at IKEA.
Add a couple homemade cushions and you're ready to lounge.

4 {comments}:

Connie the crafterbug said... Best Blogger Tips

Genius!It would look cute in Cherry Red too.

Meg said... Best Blogger Tips

Funny, when I read "palette" chairs I totally thought of chairs in a palette of colors ~ like all shades of purple... :)

Great palette chair!! Totally IKEA!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm in love with the pallet posts. We tend to hoard a few whenever we renovate a place so next time I'm saving them and making all these things! Exactly my taste.

Katrina Blanchalle said... Best Blogger Tips

I was also thinking you meant a paint palette all this time! This looks more like a pallet chair! I always eye stacks of pallets when I see them because they look like so much crafty resource, and now I know what to do with them!

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